Geminids: my little corner of paradise

— by Hugo Mechiche

— 25/06/2021

Few months ago, I wrote about my Gemini capsule hosted on The Midnight Pub. Even though I still think this is an awesome place, I wanted to try to make my own path. So I decided to run my own Gemini Server.

This article is accessible even if you're not tech-savvy, don't worry! ;)

Server specifications

Gemini is only plain text so a whole capsule is ridiculously lightweight and Gemini servers are trying to follow this philosophy by being extremly lightweight too. Therefore I do not need a big computer to run my server, an old one will do the job. Fortunately, I have an old and unused computer in my room. I installed Ubuntu Server on it (Which is just a Linux distribution). Then I need to choose among many servers the one that I'll use. Agate is my choice since it's really simple. Now I just need to start Agate as a service so it runs at the start of the computer and it's perfect!


My capsule,, is named after the prolific meteor shower in the constellation Gemini. You can either access it using a gemini browser (like Lagrange) or via an http-proxy like this one:


While browsing on Gemini, I discovered that geminauts—That's how are called gemini users—were micro-blogging on Gemini, they are calling it 'Tinylog'. They developed a writing convention and some tools to aggregate differents tinylogs into one feed, which allows interactions between geminauts. As I write this article, there are "only" 3 tools (to my knowledge):

I'm mainly using gtl (even more since the TUI implementation).


I plan to write some gemlogs—gemini name for blog articles—on my capsule just like I do here. (So not very often :D)