Creation of my Gemini Capsule

— by Hugo Mechiche

— 11/03/2021

I spend a lot of my time on Lemmy and I discover a lot of things there. Approximately a week ago I saw a comment about Gemini. I was like "what the hell is that ?!". So I digged a bit.

What is Gemini

On the website of the project, the first thing that appears is:

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

I'm not gonna lie, I was serverly confused. I've had never heard of something like "a new internet protocol". And when I tried to access a gemini website (or as people like to call them: capsule) it just didn't worked. The reason is that your traditional web browser cannot access it, you must have either a special browser or an add-on for your current browser. My choice has been to download a new one and I chose Castor.

Okay, so now, I can access capsules that are under the gemini protocol. But where to find them ?

Where to find Gemini capsules ?

You can find capsules on GSE (under gemini protocol) but there surely are other search engines that I don't know of.

How to have my own capsule ?

You can host a gemini capsule on your own servers (Check this). But the easiest way is to join a capsule that allows you to have you own micro-capsule on it. I have personally joined The Midnight Pub. On the midnight pub you're able to hosts some pages and also write posts (and interacts with other members posts!).

But where can we find your capsule Hugo ?

You can simply find it on gemini://

I can't wait to see you around on this new internet protocol!