What tools you can use to get rid of big companies

— by Hugo Mechiche

— 13/02/2021

When I ask to people why they don't quit Facebook, Twitter, Google and other big evil companies they're always telling me that it's complicated because they don't want to let down their habits (and their friends but you can't lose friends –real friends– just by leaving a social network).

So here is some tools to keep having a great internet experience while keeping your datas away from colonizers.

Web Browser

Search Engine

According to me Searx is the most respectful of your privacy.


I would go for a self-hosting nextcloud server but it's maybe not the easiest thing to do for a non tech-savvy person so here I can't give any advice.

Social Networks

Those solutions are decentralized so your datas are not hold by one big company who wants to make profit out of it.

Messaging App

As you (should) all know, WhatsApp isn't the best app to comunicate with your peer since it's not respectful of your privacy

WhatsApp Alternatives

Discord Alternative

One thing important on internet is to have strong passwords. But how can you remember a strong password for every site you signed up to? The good news is that you don't have to!

Keepass is here for you!

To synchronize your keepass file between your devices you can use syncthing.