I created my own password manager !

— by Hugo Mechiche

— 30/12/2020

This morning I was watching a Kalle Halden's video where he makes a password manager using Python and a SQL database. So, of course, I want to do one as well!

The first step is to choose what I am going to use. For the programming language I go with Python because I think it's the most effective language for this project. For the database I first try to work with MariaDB (a fork of MySQL) but at the end I chose MongoDB.

For the second step I must find a Python librarie to connect MongoDB with Python. Pretty easy, there is the pymongo lib to do that! And now I must create my Mongo database. Since I've got everything... let's start coding!

Click here to see my code!

Let's talk about the problem of this project : I didn't know how to encrypt the database (That's why I switched from MySQL to MongoDB but it didn't change anything to me) so it's way too much insecure to be use as a real password manager. Anyway it was a good project to do, I learned a lot about databases since I had never used them before.