Sombre Lieu has just been acquired !

— by Hugo Mechiche

— 17/10/2020

I love tattoos a lot, it's been a year since I started getting tattoos. What does this have to do with the acquisition of Sombre Lieu ? This summer my tattoo artist told me that he was going to offer me the next tattoo for free and some days after he also asks about the price of Sombre Lieu. I told him "I'm going to think about it" but my idea was to give it to him as a surprise. So, yesterday, I've went to his shop to get my tattoo for free *hehehe* and...TADAAAAA I surprised him with the painting ! He was super stoked but he also had a surprise for me... He offered me a second tattoo. As we like to say at my surf club "Happiness has its source in sharing" and it has been a very good example of it. A bit later after the tattoo session he sent me a picture of the painting hung on the wall of his shop. This made me so happy that HE was happy, WE WERE HAPPY, HAPPINESS EVERYWHERE.